eLTER PPP & eLTER PLUS Venus Meeting from 07 to 16 Apr, 2021

eLTER Site and Platforms Forum (SPF) 13 Jan, 2021

eLTER Interim Council 10 Dec, 2020 — Online, The first meeting of the eLTER Interim Council, IC_01, will take place on 10 December. The meeting will be entirely virtual.

eLTER PPP & eLTER PLUS ‘Mercury’ meeting from 13 to 16 Oct. 2020 — Hybrid, eLTER PPP & eLTER PLUS ‘Mercury’ meeting will take place in the third week of October (13-16) in a hybrid format (physical-physical-virtual).

eLTER PPP and PLUS Kick Off meetings from 31 Mar to 03 Apr, 2020 — Mallorca, Spain, eLTER PLUS and eLTER PPP will hold their Kick Off meetings in Mallorca, Spain.

eLTER H2020 SC project – Final Annual Meeting from 13 to 15 May, 2019 — Dalmahoy near Edinburgh, UK, The final Annual Meeting for participants of the eLTER H2020 Starting Communities project

eLTER Information Management Training from 26 Feb, to 01 Mar, 2019 — Umweltbundesamt GmbH, Meeting room IHG3, Ingen-Housz-Gasse 3, 1090 Vienna, Austria, A training workshop organised in the framework of the eLTER H2020 project

eLTER: Forthcoming projects planning meeting from 04 to 06 Dec, 2018 — Rome, Italy, A meeting to plan two new eLTER projects

eLTER annual meeting 2018 from 22 to 24 May, 2018 — Sofia, Bulgaria, eLTER H2020 annual meeting and development of eLTER RI